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The Strangest of All Rooms

by Emily Hageman
July 30th, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Hailey's father is broken, and she is ashamed of him. She must decide if she can love him for everything he is--even his strangest of all rooms.

Variations on a Theme

by James Caputo
August 27th, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Variations of the power of love. Each begins with a meeting of two people at a challenging time of their life. From the affluent to the indigent, they meet in restaurants, back alleys and funeral parlors. And as in life, each couple has their own story to tell. Two middle-aged people connect despite technology. Two intergenerational women connect to transit a rite of passage. A marriage strains its weathered connections. A homeless couple are connected by the stars and a love of literature.

Green Bean Casserole

by Cassidy Tiden
September 24th, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Sophie Kellogg is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time with the intention of introducing her family to her fianceĢ, Luke. However, after a quick panic, Sophie convinces her roommate, Mary, to help her hide her engagement. Between mistaken relationships, unexpected guests and a kitchen fire, it’ll be a miracle if Thanksgiving turns out alright.


by Stephen Ostertag
based on the book by Charles Dickens
October 29th, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Based on the short story by Charles Dickens, a practical-minded narrator meets a railway worker who has been seeing supernatural visions. The narrator doubts the man at first, but at the story's conclusion a strange event makes him a believer.


by Eric Mansfield
November 19, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

A busy midwest high school is thrown into chaos when a shot rings out in the hallway. Ducking for cover, a guidance counselor, history teacher, PTA president, senior class officer and football coach hide together in the counselor's office. After a gun is found hidden in the office, the group wonders if the real shooter is among them. Will police arrive in time to make a difference? And if the group survives, how will this experience facing both death and their violent pasts change their futures?


by Manuel Halkias
December 17th, 2020 - FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Details coming soon...


UNDERGROUND is Avenue Arts Marketplace & Theatre's staged reading company that is committed to reaching out to those that are underserved in our community and other communities, ultimately giving a voice to the voiceless through staged readings of new works. UNDERGROUND is led by Producing Artistic Director, David Lee and Company Manager, Emily Hisey and is comprised of 20 local actors that are determined to tell the stories that individuals around the world need to hear. 

324 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44702 / (234) 410-3475

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